Great Sparkling Wines For Any Occasion

Do you want to add some excitement and festivity to any occasion? The best way to do it is with an excellent sparkling wine. These wines tend to be a bit different than the dry, red wine that you may be used to, having more of a sweet, full taste that people enjoy. In fact, there are people who cannot drink dry wine but who end up loving sparkling wine. This means that it is a great option for any party or gathering because there is a very good chance that everyone will Read more »

Comparing French and Californian Cabernet Sauvignon

Comparing French and Californian wines is best accomplished by attending wine tasting events. These events are held in a variety of locations across the nation. To find a wine tasting event in your area search online. Good wines are made out of quality grapes found in California and France. There are also good wine vineyards located in the South such as in the Texas Hill Country. This area produces a wide variety of high-quality wines that are distributed throughout the world.

Wineries often offer wine tours that allow you to taste a variety of wines at little cost. Read more »

What Is Chocolate Wine and How Is It Made?

Chocolate wine combines the best of both worlds: chocolate and wine. This easy to make-at-home treat is perfect for an after dinner desert or a late afternoon delight.

Chocolate wine is made by blending a full-bodied red wine and melted dark chocolate. The wine is poured into a saucepan and warmed over low heat. After letting it simmer for about 15 minutes, the wine should be removed from the heat source and whisked together with the melted chocolate. The chocolate and wine should be mixed together Read more »

The Health Benefits of Wine

In our particular culture and country, we tend to spend a rather large portion of our lives vilifying things that previous generations enjoyed in excess. Cigarettes, alcohol, meth and even good old fashioned wine, something you had better be prepared to fight for if you refuse it from a Portuguese host, have all been turned into something ugly by the culture and the media which is why people find it so hard to believe that wine can actually have health benefits. It’s true and usually whenever I am performing high-stress tasks – paying the bills, getting squared away on, looking at the status of my student loans – I always keep a glass close by. The elements of wine can actually help prevent ulcers and other stress induced ailments and depending on who you speak to, what doctor, a glass of wine each and every night can work wonders for your overall health. This, of course, is not to in any way lessen the dangers of wine or any other alcoholic beverage – anything enjoyed in excess can be harmful, but wine, in this particular instance, is an elegant and awesome drink that can really help you out when it comes to tackling stress or just trying to relax.

Choosing the Perfect Bubbly For Your Wedding Toast

Choosing the right type of wine for your wedding event can be a complex task if you are not used to choosing wine, or are not familiar with the types usually served at events like this in combination with certain foods. Some wines go great as a drinking wine, and others are mostly useful to enhance flavors in foods like beef and vegetables. Wine is an incredibly versatile drink that has many dimensions of social and culinary use, and with so many varieties and vendors it can Read more »

How to Host a Wine Tasting at Home

Hosting a wine tasting at home is the perfect way to get together with your friends and family and spend a few quality hours enjoying each other and good wine. For those that are unfamiliar with wine, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the culture. For those that love wine, this is the perfect opportunity for them to share their knowledge with others and maybe even learn something themselves.

One of the best Read more »

Experience the Delicious Decadence of Dessert and Ice Wines

The decadence experienced during fine wine and dining is even more enhanced by exceptional dining companionships. Many centuries of excellent dining and culinary know how has been passed down for decades. Generation after generation of experienced the family old tradition of passing down recipes and family culinary secrets. The pleasure of creating a family secret recipe for that special holiday occasion is what makes the holidays even more quaint and memorable.

Wine connoisseurs around the world Read more »

Wine and Food: Tips For Making a Good Match

Creating the right dinner involves knowing what wine to pair with what meal. That is an essential element when you are making a special dinner and want to thoroughly enhance the dish with just the right pairing of wine. You need to have a baseline understanding of what the different types of wine taste like so that you can make a better, and educated decision.

You can start off by using simple guidelines as you learn more about how to best pair wine and food. The old adage of Read more »

Tips for Ordering Wine At a Restaurant

When looking to get out of the house and enjoy a nice dinner, it’s always a good idea to go to our favorite restaurant or to even try a new one out. Now, if you’re someone that likes a glass of wine here and there, here are some tips you may want to take into consideration when ordering wine at a restaurant:

Taste test: Though not all restaurants allow you to taste test some wine, some are willing, Read more »

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