Tips for making wine with fruits other than grapes

While grapes are the favourite and most popular ingredient for wine making though you could use or experiment with other fruit. The composition of these fruits is different and with the right tips you could easily make wine with other fruits.

The procedure is not that different and you can expect to enjoy very tasty wine even when grapes are in short supply.

Here are some tips to wine making using fruits other than grapes:

Apricot Wine: The wine is very popular in Japan and is also known by the name Anuzhu. The wine has a delicious and sweet taste and can be made using both fresh and dried apricot. Like plums apricots has a little more acidity and as such can be produced with sugar or honey during the fermenting process. The sugar or honey are important owing to the relatively higher acidity and makes the wine sweet enough to drink comfortably.

Experienced Apricot wine makers often tend to use lemon zest or lemon juice into the mixture.

Plum Wine:  Is often regarded one of the best liquors in the world. It a sweet and smooth alcoholic beverage made from sweet fermented green plums. The wine was introduced in Japan around the 6th century and today it has world wide popularity.

Plum wine is best served chilled as an aperitif and is a relaxing aromatic drink.

Pineapple Wine: Fermented pineapple produces a soft, dry wine very widely consumed in Thailand and across South East Asia. In this region pineapple wine is often made using traditional techniques and is not available commercially. It has a very sweet taste and is almost always served chilled.

Often served by the glass like white wine; pineapple wine is easy on the palate and compliments fish and meat dishes.

Elderberry Wine: This wine has many uses including food, drink and medicinal purposes. In the 17th century the British began making elderberry wine and in time the fruit earned the name Englishman’s Grape. The Native Americans believed elderberry wine possessed healing powers.

Many claimed the wine could cure the common cold and capable of extending the lifespan. It has a unique flavor that changes considerably over time making this a rich, flavorful and semi sweet wine.

Cranberry Wine: Another popular wine often light pink, salmon or copper rose in color. It shimmers in light and bears a fresh and distinct aroma. It is semi sweet and has an easily enjoyed taste.

This tart wine is made using whole cranberries and perfectly pairs with dry white meat – turkey. It is often mixed up in cocktails such as the cosmopolitan. Sea Breeze and is used to make Cranberry lemonade.

Dandelion Wine: Often regarded as a homemade recipe with only a handful wineries producing dandelion wine. It is a fruit wine with moderate alcohol content made using the petals and sugar – often lemon juice is added for taste.

The humble flower produces a rich, strong and medium sweet tasting wine used alongside food and also as medicine.

Honey Wine: The main drink of Celts is made using fermented honey, water and yeast. It has been said it may be one of mankind oldest alcoholic beverages. It has been said the drink enhances virility and fertility. It is delicious and tastes just like honey with complex variation of flavoring.

Pumpkin Wine: Bears some qualities of traditional Chardonnay. It is sweet – but not too sweet to taste. It has an attractive orange color and is very refreshing.

Hope you enjoyed reading the tips to make wine using fruits other than grapes – see you in the comments section.

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