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wine making at home

What you need to know for making wine at home

Making wine from home can sometimes be a costly process to start and it may take quite a bit of your time and effort to make a decent batch. Understanding the proper procedure and what to expect along the way can help you start the process off correctly and save you a lot of trial and error. The Wine Corner is a great wine making blog for beginners to get you started. But for now, here is some summery info below:

Tips for making wine with fruits other than grapes

While grapes are the favourite and most popular ingredient for wine making though you could use or experiment with other fruit. The composition of these fruits is different and with the right tips you could easily make wine with other fruits. The procedure is not that different and you can expect to enjoy very tasty wine even when grapes are in short supply. Here are some tips to wine making using fruits other than grapes:

chocolate wine

What is chocolate wine and how is it made?

Chocolate wine combines the best of both worlds: chocolate and wine. This easy to make-at-home treat is perfect for an after dinner desert or a late afternoon delight. Chocolate wine is made by blending a full-bodied red wine and melted dark chocolate. The wine is poured into a saucepan and warmed over low heat. After letting it simmer for about 15 minutes, the wine should be removed from the heat source and whisked together with the melted chocolate. The chocolate and wine should be mixed together until the drink becomes frothy, and should then be immediately served. How to make...