The Health Benefits of Wine

In our particular culture and country, we tend to spend a rather large portion of our lives vilifying things that previous generations enjoyed in excess. Cigarettes, alcohol, meth and even good old fashioned wine, something you had better be prepared to fight for if you refuse it from a Portuguese host, have all been turned into something ugly by the culture and the media which is why people find it so hard to believe that wine can actually have health benefits. It’s true and usually whenever I am performing high-stress tasks – paying the bills, getting squared away on, looking at the status of my student loans – I always keep a glass close by. The elements of wine can actually help prevent ulcers and other stress induced ailments and depending on who you speak to, what doctor, a glass of wine each and every night can work wonders for your overall health. This, of course, is not to in any way lessen the dangers of wine or any other alcoholic beverage – anything enjoyed in excess can be harmful, but wine, in this particular instance, is an elegant and awesome drink that can really help you out when it comes to tackling stress or just trying to relax.

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