Wine and Food: Tips For Making a Good Match

Creating the right dinner involves knowing what wine to pair with what meal. That is an essential element when you are making a special dinner and want to thoroughly enhance the dish with just the right pairing of wine. You need to have a baseline understanding of what the different types of wine taste like so that you can make a better, and educated decision.

You can start off by using simple guidelines as you learn more about how to best pair wine and food. The old adage of red wine goes best with pasta dishes and red meat and white wine matches nicely with fish, seafood and chicken still ring true. However, you need to delve a little deeper in to the meal itself to truly get the right match.

The wine needs to compliment and not contrast against the food. This means that you will want a lighter bodied red when servicing delicate beef dishes such as filet Mignon or even beef burgundy. White wine that is crisp and less sweet works well with fish prepared in light sauces and a sweeter wine work well with hearty and savory pork dishes. When it comes to pasta dishes, a rich bodied and full flavored wine will match well, and you can match the color of the wine to the color of sauce used for the pasta itself as a good base gauge.

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